Why Choose NLES
    About Michael Garnes

Our vision is to provide unquestionable value to clients, which means:
We put the interests of our clients first.
Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our mission.
We maintain the highest level of professional integrity, trust and personal ethics. When faced with possible conflicts of interests, we give preference to the client and the firm over our personal interests.
We provide the highest quality of service to our clients through timely execution, consistency and a commitment to on-going service improvement.
We believe it is essential to listen to our clients for opportunities to add value and be conscious of their interests in all decisions.
We develop and maintain long-term relationships, and do not treat the search process as a commodity.
We will embrace a diversity of ideas, cultures, ethnicity, and backgrounds to enhance our promise and value to clients.
We are confident that if we do our job well and give value for the fee we charge, we will achieve our goal of delivering greater value than any of our competitors.
We actively contribute to the communities in which we live and work.
We work with passion, individual pride and a firm-wide spirit to provide superior service during every search engagement.